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Small Business 401k Advisory

Small Business Retirement Plan Advisory

In the good old days, young Americans went to work for an employer who would promise a comfortable retirement in the form of a pension plan — that is, a defined benefit plan. Today, it's increasingly become the responsibility of the worker to put money away for retirement in the form of a 401(k) plan — that is, a defined contribution plan.

Choosing the right retirement plan can positively affect the financial future of your company and your employees. Let us help you find the best plans and options to suit your business. Doing so can:

  • Help attract and retain quality employees
  • Provide retirement planning beyond Social Security
  • Defer tax on plan earnings until money is withdrawn
  • Reduce employee taxable income
  • Cut employer payroll taxes

With a variety of specialized retirement plans and features, companies of any size can take advantage of 401k retirement plans. Contact us today for more information.

Investment Flexibility

We will provide you with a wide range of investment choices.

  • Thousands of options from leading investment companies
  • Open architecture or pre-selected investment menus, including target-date funds(TDFs)
  • Flexibility to add or remove investments at any time

Do you have an existing plan?

Let us come in to do a complimentary review, covering five key areas:

  • Plan Design – Is the plan designed in a way that maximizes the goals of the organization?
  • Administration – Do service providers handle most of the administration, or does that fall on your shoulders? Have there ever been errors as a result of manual or double entry?
  • Investments - Using third party analytics, we will screen your investments against their peers, benchmarking performance, cost, and a fiduciary score for each investment in the menu.
  • Fees - We will provide an accurate total plan cost, and compare this number against a benchmark. We will also provide a breakdown of costs for each service provider to your plan. This information can be used to determine reasonableness of fees.
  • Fiduciary Liability - After the review, if there are areas of exposure for plan fiduciaries, we will discuss those. The goal is to help you provide a benefit that is operating in the best interests of the employees and their beneficiaries, which will in turn protect the fiduciaries to the plan.